IDQ vs iDQ™

The previous post on this blog was called Informatica without Data Quality? This post digs into the messaging around the recent takeover of Informatica and the future for the data quality components in the Informatica toolbox.

In the comments Julien Peltier and Richard Branch discusses the cloud emphasis in the messaging from the new Informatica owners and especially the future of Master Data Management (MDM) in the cloud.

open-doorMy best experience with MDM in the cloud is with a service called iDQ™ – a service that shares TLA (Three Letter Acronym) with Informatica Data Quality by the way. The former stands for instant Data Quality. This is a service that revolves around turning your MDM inside-out as latest touched on this blog in the post The Pros and Cons of MDM 3.0.

iDQ™ specifically deals with customer (or rather party) master data, how to get this kind of master data right the first time and how to avoid duplicates as explored in the post The Good, Better and Best Way of Avoiding Duplicates.

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