Happy 10 Years Birthday MDM Solutions

326px-10piece-blank-R_k.svgEvery year Information Difference publishes a report about the Master Data Management (MDM) Landscape. This year’s report celebrates the 10th year of MDM solutions around. Of course, the MDM industry didn’t start on a certain date 10 years ago, but the use of MDM as a common accepted notation for a branch of IT solutions within data management, and in my eyes as a much needed spinoff of the data quality discipline, was commonly being accepted.

A birthday is a good occasion to look ahead. The Information Difference report takes on some of the trends in the MDM solutions around, being that:

  • Most MDM vendors today claims to be multi-domain MDM providers, but certainly they are on different stages coming from different places
  • Providing MDM in the cloud is slowly but steadily adapted
  • Integrating big data into MDM solutions has, in my words, reached the marketing and R&D departments at the MDM vendors and will someday also reach the professional service and accounting folks there

Read the MDM landscape Q2 2014 report from Information Difference here.

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2 thoughts on “Happy 10 Years Birthday MDM Solutions

  1. FX Nicolas 24th July 2014 / 10:33

    Thanks for making us feel old, Henrik !
    What is noticeable is the entrace of Semarchy in this report, and the fact that we’re #2 in customer happiness, the only metric that truly matters. 🙂

  2. dbmoore 26th July 2014 / 05:31

    Thanks for pointing out this quite comprehensive investigation of MDM offerings. I was not surprised that Informatica increased its lead over all other MDM products this year once again. Once again, Informatica is by far the highest technology score compared to other market leaders, and by far the highest market strength among the technology leaders. Thanks for posting!

    – Dennis Moore

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