Now We Have a Data Governance Tool Market

Do we need data governance tools? This was a question discussed recently here on the blog in the comments to the post called Data Governance Tools: The New Snake Oil?

As mentioned in a comment one analyst firm, Bloor, has actually made a data governance market update with vendors positioned in their bulls-eye style of visualization. Both a data quality market update and the data governance market update can be fetched via Trillium Software here.

The data governance report states that especially regulations has urged organizations to focus on data quality and thereby data governance. Furthermore Bloor says: “Previously, compliance was typically process-focused: you had to prove the lineage of data, for example, but not its accuracy.”

The vendors positioned in the data governance market is pretty much the usual suspects known from the analyst reports on the data quality tool market. Interesting to see that Experian though makes one of the not so frequent appearances in such a report. That must be about accuracy, since Experian is not so known for process-focused tools but indeed for tools using external reference data in order to improve accuracy.

Market Update Data Governance

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