A Digital Sharing Revolution

The last couple of days I have been part of a so called Innovation Camp around how to exploit open public sector data in the private sector. In one of the inspirational keynotes Professor Birgitte Andersen of the Big Innovation Centre used the term “A Digital Sharing Revolution” to describe the trend of increasingly sharing data both within the public sector, between the public sector and the private sector and within the private sector.

energy saving bulbDuring the two days a lot of ideas for how to exploit open public sector data within the private sector were put on the table. I was so lucky to win a SmartWatch as being part of the group with the winning concept that is a service for identifying buildings with potential for energy saving improvements. This service will be of benefit for both large enterprises as building material manufacturers (and in fact energy suppliers), local small and midsize businesses, the house owners and the society as a whole in order to fulfil climate change prevention goals.

At iDQ we see great potential in using such a service in conjunction with our current offerings for exploiting both open public sector data and other external big reference data sources. Of course, there is a dilemma for enterprises in the private sector in using the same data provided by the same services as their competitors. However there is still a lot of possibilities in sticking out from the crowd in how data and services are actually used in the way of doing business and concentrating on that and not reinventing the wheel in the way collecting data.

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