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Many moons ago I wondered how my social influence is measured as told in the post Klout Data Quality.

Since then my Klout has dropped a bit from 59 to 57. It does not ruin my day, but I wonder why. A thing that strikes me is from where I get my Klout. It seems Twitter is the place as it counts for 73 % of my Klout. LinkedIn is only 8 %. Personally, I would give them opposite importance.

Klout Network Breakdown

Recently I noticed I was included in a list called Top 200 Thought Leaders in Bigdata Analytics. Honorable maybe. However, I am afraid it merely is a count of how many #Bigdata tags I have used on Twitter relative to others.

What matters to me in social influence seems to be out of scope for Klout, as it is readers and comments on this blog.

What about you. Do you have the right Klout? Is it measured the right way?

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3 thoughts on “Please Retweet

  1. Richard 25th February 2014 / 14:27

    Interesting post Henrick. When I was younger I always believed I would gain more clout as I grew older. Then I married and realised that in fact I have very little. Joining Klout has given me a score of 31 so perhaps more than I thought, just don’t tell my wife!

  2. Gary Allemann 25th February 2014 / 14:57

    Klout is certainly very twitter centric – I agree that LinkedIn views and shares would be a more interesting metric for me. But congrats on the top 200 #BigData 🙂

  3. Gino Fortunato 11th March 2014 / 23:53

    Henrick, completely agree with you. I’m wondering if Klout is a wholly owned subsidiary of Twitter, or started by ex-twitterites!

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