Multi-Domain MDM Uptake

Within Master Data Management (MDM) doing multi-domain MDM has been trending for a couple of years. Yesterday Gartner (the analyst firm) had a chat session on twitter preceding the upcoming Gartner MDM summits around the world.

Along the way @BillOKane of @Gartner_inc revealed some numbers about multi-domain MDM from the Gartner camp:

Multi-Domain 1

Multi-Domain 2

So, stating these numbers using the MoSCoW method we have that among companies considering MDM:

  • 3 % sees multi-domain MDM as a MUST have now
  • 10 % thinks they SHOULD have multiple-domain MDM now
  • 17 % regards multi-domain MDM as something they COULD have now
  • 70 % WONT have multi-domain MDM now

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3 thoughts on “Multi-Domain MDM Uptake

  1. Dennis Moore 21st February 2014 / 15:48

    Henrik – There is a significant disconnect, as I mentioned to Bill and others at Gartner, between what we are seeing in the market (and in implementations) and what they are hearing in inquiries. There may be an inherent bias in our customer base, since our product is relatively mature for multidomain, but I’m surprised at the significant difference. Nonetheless, it was great to see the tweet that implied we might someday soon see a Gartner MQ for multidomain (

  2. Vic Hansen 24th February 2014 / 20:27

    The problem is simply lack of foresight. People take the short term view of dealing with the most urgent domain and push the rest back into the ‘too difficult’ box. Then the next domain comes up and sorting out the problem is that much harder so they do the short term thing again. And again. Then they end up with a different product master in their CRM system from their ERP. Uh oh!

  3. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 25th February 2014 / 07:51

    Thanks Dennis and Vic for adding in.

    In the LinkedIn MDM World group Tony Boyle of Oracle says:

    “Interesting statistics and I’m surprised at the low numbers. I would have expected much higher based on what my customers are asking me.

    We’ve got a few Multi-Domain customers in the Asia Pacific region mastering Customer, Suppliers, Sites, Products etc. all in the same instance with the same software. However, the majority of our customers have gone for Multiple Domain implementations, i.e. a specific solution for Customers and a different solution for Products or Location Data etc.

    These have worked quite well as the Data Steward looking after Customer Data would not normally be the same person looking after Product Data.

    Where this model falls down is where companies want to start looking at linking their entities. For example: Which Products are Stored/Sold at Which Site? or Which Supplier supplies from which Warehouse (Site)? Of course, these queries can be executed from the Data Warehouse but it’s much easier and quicker if they can be determined from a multi-domain MDM system.

    Companies need to determine their long-term, enterprise-wide, MDM strategy before embarking on a single-domain MDM project. They’ll save themselves a lot of re-work that way.”

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