Trust in External Data is Like Trust in Analysts

The analyst industry is like any other industry. Analysts compete. Mostly analysts do it by presenting what is supposed to be more trustworthy reports than the other ones do including their special visualization method be that a quadrant, landscape, bulls eye or whatever approach . And sometimes they compete by bashing the other ones.

MDM market analysts meetup

This week I had a blog post called A Little Bit of Truth vs A Big Load of Trust. The post cites a blog post from Andrew White of Gartner called From MDM to Big Data – From truth to trust. This post again cites an article on SearchDataManagement called Enterprise master data management and big data: A well-matched pair?

Andrew White’s post praises the views of fellow Gartner analyst Ted Friedman in the SearchDataManagement article and bashes the views of the other contributors being Evan Levy, Andy Hayler (Information Difference), Aaron Zornes of the MDM Institute and Kelly O’Neal by saying:

“… presumably since the thinking out there in the cited analyst community has not gotten very far yet.”

Indeed, you have to consider multiple opinions out there when it comes to Master Data Management (MDM), big data and other external data. The same way there are, when it comes to the data, multiple versions of the truth out there and you have, with Andrew White’s words, to: “..manage and govern trust in someone else’s data”.

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One thought on “Trust in External Data is Like Trust in Analysts

  1. Karen Way 2nd December 2013 / 14:08


    Once again, you have gotten right to the center of the argument. There are many approaches to MDM, Data Governance, Big Data and Data Quality as there are people who work in those spaces; whether they be analysts, thought leaders, managers, directors, etc. I may disagree with the ideas or methodologies put forth by others in the industry, but I also recognize that by having diversity in this manner only provides greater growth opportunities for the industry as a whole. Therefore, I try to learn from those different opinions rather than bash them. 🙂

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