The MDM Market Wordle

Analyst firms have a lot of fun in making different surveys and rankings of vendors in different markets using their own special visualizing method. For the Master Data Management (MDM) market we have this year had the:

Encouraged by a recent comment on the post What’s New in The Data Quality Magic Quadrant? I have now made my take on the market utilizing the wordle as my special visual approach.

Lazy as I am I haven’t made my own survey but simply taken the brand names from the rankings mentioned above and filled in the name either 1, 2 or 3 times from each report depending on how well the brand was positioned.

So the size of the letters tells something about market positioning according to analyst reports. The size of the words also tells something about the length of the brand name. The placement is according to the wordle principle of course totally random.

And of course I now expect a load of tweets from vendor marketing departments saying that their company is positioned very randomly in the MDM Market Wordle 🙂

MDM Wordle

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4 thoughts on “The MDM Market Wordle

  1. Richard 26th November 2013 / 13:05

    Pleased to see my old friends in Aarhus positioned well but I’m sure Semarchy got a mentioned in despatches in both the Gartner MQ for Customers and Products 😉 Rich…

  2. Erasmus Holm 26th November 2013 / 21:21


    Nicely done I was contemplating doing it myself. Although I have job crating awareness around that we are called Stibo Systems;) Not just Stibo.


    Erasmus Holm

  3. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 26th November 2013 / 23:33

    Thanks Richard, Gary and Erasmus for joining the wordle.

    @Erasmus: On the other hand the pure Stibo part is the one dating back to 1794 and thereby leads in maturity over IBM´s recent 100 year achievement.

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