So You Think You Can Handle Big Data?

It has often been put forward that one might think that it’s strange that everyone think they can make sense out of big data while even the supposed best ones can’t get small data right.

Phone tappingA good reminder of that is reported by Gary Allemann in the post Data quality error embarrasses US. The post tells the story and learning from a recent incident, where a former South African anti-apartheid fighter was detained in the United States because he was still on a terrorist list +many years after the world finally has changed view about bad guys and good guys in that struggle.

So, while we have no doubt about that the United States security agencies are able to collect and store big data about almost every person (friends and enemies all together) we may have our doubts if these guys are able to make any sense of it if they don’t know who is naughty and who is nice at a given time.

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One thought on “So You Think You Can Handle Big Data?

  1. garymdm 29th October 2013 / 12:16

    Glad to see that I am inspiring you for a change 🙂

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