On Maps, Data Quality and MDM

Maps are great but sometimes you’ll have some trouble with data quality issues on maps as told in the post Troubled Bridge over Water.

When it comes to political borders on maps things may get really nasty as it happened lately for Huawei with a congratulation to Pakistan on the independence day showing a map with borders not in line with the Pakistani version of the truth. The story is told here.

Google EarthThere are plenty of disputes about borders in the world stretching from the serious situations in the Himalaya region to for example the close to comical case between Canada and Denmark/Greenland over Hans Island.

In these situations you can’t settle on a single version of the truth.

However, even if we don’t have disputes on what is right or wrong we may have very different views on how to look at various entities as examined in the post The Greenland Problem in MDM.

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