4 thoughts on “Data being Defective by Design

  1. CoherencyArchitect 25th April 2013 / 10:41

    Hi Henrik,

    What do you recommend an organization should do in order to design the structures that makes better use of the data available or collect the right data to begin with?

    Kind regards,


    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 25th April 2013 / 15:10

      Thanks for asking Peter. It’s a big subject. Some of my “special” recommendations are:
      • Try to reflect the real world – that be the part of the real world that makes sense for you
      • Look for industry conceptual data models and the likes – most times prudent people have done some of the thinking for you
      • Build in identifiers that relates to external sources that can be used for enrichment and updates – now or later

  2. John Owens 25th April 2013 / 20:19

    Hi Henrik

    Another good post that highlights the the key role of the Logical Data Model (LDM) in the areas of Data Quality and Master Data Management.

    The LDM shows the structure of the data that is required across the enterprise, not just by the application that is capturing the data but, more importantly, by those Functions that are going to have to use the data.

    The LDM also gives names to Data Entities that are consistent across the enterprise. It does not , for example, call an entity ‘Customer’ in one place and ‘Supplier’, ‘Guarantor’, etc in others. It shows that these are all the same thing and will call them by a meaningful generic name, such as ‘Party’.


    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 26th April 2013 / 08:28

      Thanks for commenting John. I agree. The oh so common customer table with name and address is a data modeling disaster because it doesn’t reflect the real world but only a snapshot of a state in a business process.

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