The Letter Å

I have previously written about the letter Æ and the letter Ø. Now it’s time to write about another letter in Scandinavian alphabets that doesn’t belong to the English alphabet: The letter Å which is å in lower case.

When transliterated to the English alphabet Å becomes AA and å becomes aa. When a name begins with Å it becomes Aa. For example the second largest city in Denmark was called Århus being Aarhus in English. Actually the city council by 1st January 2011, as reported here, changed the name of the city to Aarhus.

AarhusThe Master Data Management tool vendor Stibo Systems has it’s headquarter in an Aarhus suburban. As Stibo was founded in 1794 the company has stayed in Århus some of its life.

The term Master Data Management (MDM) wasn’t known in 1794 and IT wasn’t invented then. Stibo is basically a printing company who became a specialist in making catalogues, later electronic catalogues and the software for doing this, which led to being a Product Information Management (PIM) vendor and now a multi-domain MDM solution provider. By the way: å is pronounced as the o in catalogue. Catalåg.

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