Developing LEGO® bricks and SOA components

These days the Lego company is celebrating 80 years in business. The celebration includes a Youtube video telling The LEGO® Story.

As I was born close to the Lego home in Billund, Denmark, I also remember having a considerable amount of Lego bricks to play with as a child in the 60’s.

In computer software the use of Lego bricks is often used as a metaphor for building systems with Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) components as discussed for example in this article called Can SOA and architecture really be described with ‘Lego blocks’?

Today using SOA components in order to achieve data quality improvement with master data is a playground for me.

As described in the post Service Oriented Data Quality SOA components have a lot to offer:

• Reuse is one of the core principles of SOA. Having the same data quality rules applied to every entry point of the same sort of data will help with consistency.

• Interoperability will make it possible to deploy data quality prevention as close to the root as possible.

Composability makes it possible to combine functionality with different advantages – e.g. combining internal checks with external reference data.

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