We Need Better Search

Often we have all the information we need. What we don’t have is the right means to search in and make sense of all the information.

It’s now been a little more than a year since the terrible terrorist attacks in Norway carried out by a right-wing extremist.

Since then an investigation have been done in order to find out if the tragic incident could have been avoided. A report is due for tomorrow, but bits and pieces are already flowing in the press now.

Today the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten has an article telling about the inadequate searching features available to the Norwegian Police Intelligence. Article in Norwegian here.

As I understand it the Police Intelligence did have a few registrations about suspicious activities by the terrorist. Probably not enough to act upon before the tragedy. But even if they had more information they wouldn’t have been able to match it with the technology available and prevent the attacks.

It’s a shame.

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