Most Times the Home Team Wins

This summer is going to be huge if you like sports. The Olympics is coming to London and only 14 days away from now we have the European football (soccer) championship in Poland and Ukraine.

As usual hopes are high for the England soccer team. But statistics doesn’t support the hopes. The England team haven’t really succeeded since the World Cup victory on home ground at Wembley in 1966. That victory was mainly (and now I’m going to be shot in the streets of London) due to a ghost goal.

In business, and in data quality and MDM business too, the home team usually also wins.

Yesterday I noticed a tweet telling that the MDM tool vendor Orchestra Network has been selected as tool vendor by a large bank. The bank is Credit Agricole, a big financial service provider based in France. Orchestra Networks is also based in France. A home win so to say.

In the post The Pond it was told how else dominating American tool vendors may in the first place succeed in expansion to Europe by coming to London, but in fact having a hard time competing in continental Europe due to diversity issues.

European tool vendors going to North America often tries to disguise as a home team. Orchestra Network for example uses Boston & Paris as place of origin in the messaging. Other examples are the leading open source data management tool vendor Talend with dual head quarter in Paris and California, hot Danish MDM vendor Stibo Systems messaging out of Atlanta and the Swedish business intelligence success QlikTech who officially has moved to Pennsylvania.

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