Yin and Yang Data Quality

The old Chinese concept of yin and yang, or simply yīnyáng, is used to describe how polar opposites or seemingly contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. The concept is probably best known materialized as sweet and sour sauce.

Lately we had a debate in the data quality community on social media about if data quality is a journey or a destination, nicely summarized by Jim Harris in the post Quo Vadimus. I guess the prevailing sentiment is that it is kind of both a journey and a destination.

We also have the good old question about if data are of high quality if they are “fit for the purpose of use” or “aligned with the real world”. Sometimes these benchmarks go in opposite directions and we like to fulfill both goals at the same time.

The Data Quality discipline is tormented by belonging to both the business side and the technology side of practice. These sides are often regarded as contrary, but in my experience we get the best sauce by having both sides represented.

And oh yes, do we actually have to call it one of two diametrically different terms being Data Quality or Information Quality. Bon appetit.

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