Book Review: Berson and Dubov on MDM

A few days ago Julian Schwarzenbach over at the Data and Process Advantage Blog published a review of the book “Master Data Management and Data Governance” by Alex Berson and Larry Dubov. Link to Julian’s review here.

And hey, that’s the book I have been reading too during the last months. So why not make my review too.    

I agree very much with Julian’s positive review of the book. It is a very comprehensive book – and thick and heavy I have learned from bringing it with me on travel which is where I usually read offline stuff. But master data management and related data governance is a big and heavy discipline with a lot of details that has to be dealt with.

Probably I have annoyed fellow travellers in trains and airplanes while reading the book with exclamations as: Yes, precisely, that’s what I always have said, good point and so on. Because I agree very much with many of the issues described and the solutions discussed in the book.

For the mandatory bit of criticism that must be included in every book review I will bring on my pet bashing about United States and English language centricity. Well, it’s actually not that bad, as the book at many places does indicate that other angles and pains exist than those being prominent in the United States and with the English language.

Oh, and I bear with that  my surname in the references are spelled “Sorensen” instead of “Sørensen” and that a related date are formatted like “11/22/2009” which will be the 11th day in the 22nd month of the year 2009 to me.     

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3 thoughts on “Book Review: Berson and Dubov on MDM

  1. Garnie Bolling 10th March 2011 / 16:32

    Thanks Henrik, will have to pick this one up also… 🙂 appreciate your thoughts on the book. You know I can see you on the Train, pointing to some paragraph in the book to your fellow passenger, saying “see, this is exactly why we need to have more sponsorship in governance. If only we could make this book a mandatory read for everyone in IT and Business who works with Data !!!! ” 🙂

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 10th March 2011 / 17:51

      Thanks Garnie. If only these passengers and executives would listen 🙂

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