Movable Types

A big boost in knowledge sharing in mans history was made around year 1450 (in the Gregorian calendar) when Johannes Gutenberg of Germany invented the use of movable types in printing. However the movable types was actually invented 400 years before in China here using porcelain and 200 years before in Korea where metal also was used. But the East Asian inventions did not spread very well do to the Script Systems used, where you have thousands of different tablets representing each syllable or word opposite to when using an alphabet.

Anyway the invention of movable types in printing is regarded as maybe the most important invention since someone invented the wheel (for the first time).

Data quality flaws also got a big boost with the sudden increase in printed work made possible by this invention. I remember my grandmother was a text reviewer at a local newspaper, and she always complained about journalists with poor spelling capabilities and she was very upset when the names of people was spelled wrong in articles. I guess her reference file for correct spelled names was in her head as she knew every known person in the town (being my town of birth: Randers).

The use of computers (including the internet) has made the next big boost in knowledge sharing and data quality flaws including the introduction of the term data quality. Before poor data quality was called sloppiness I guess. The problem however stays the same: Putting the right characters in the right order. The first time.

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