Follow Friday Diversity

Every Friday on Twitter people are recommending other tweeps to follow using the #FollowFriday (or simply #FF) hashtag.

So do I.

Below please find my follow Friday recommendations grouped by global region:


Canada: @carrni @datamartist @sheezaredhead @andrewsinfotech @aniagl @DQamateur @bivcons @projmgr @DQStudent @datachickUnited States: @GarnieBolling @stevesarsfield @UtopiaInc @bbreidenbach @fionamacd @RobertsPaige @BIMarcom @IDResolution @FirstSanFranMDM @dan_power @merv @NISSSAMSI @jilldyche @howarddresner @GartnerTedF @RobPaller @marc_hurst @dcervo @datamentors @VishAgashe @IBMInitiate @RamonChen @JackieMRoberts @philsimon @Nick_Giuliano @DataInfoCom @juliebhunt  @Futureratti  @dqchronicle  @jonrcrowell @elc  @Experian_QAS @paulboal @im4infomgt @WinstonChen @ocdqblog @KeithMesser @murnane @BrendaSomich @alanmstein @JGoldfed @jaimefitzgerald @tedlouie @bslarkin

Venezuela: @pigbar

Ireland: @daraghobrien @KenOConnorData @MapMyBusiness: United KIngdom: @SteveTuck @VeeMediaFactory @mktginsightguy @Daryl70 @Teresacottam @AnishRaivadera @ExperianQAS_UK @DataQualityPro @SarahBurnett @faropress @jschwa1 @mikeferguson1 @jtonline @Master_OBASHI @Nicola_Askham; France: @DataChannel @mydatanews @jmichel_franco @ydemontcheuil;Switzerland: @alexej_freund @openmethodology; Austria: @omathurin; Germany: @stiebke @dwhp @dakoller @marketingBOERSE; Belgium: @guypardon; Netherlands: @harri00413 @GrahamRhind; Denmark: @jeric40 @eobjects @StiboSystems;Norway @Orvei; Sweeden: @MrPerOlsson @DarioBezzina; Finland: @JoukoSalonen; Lithuania: @googlea; Italy: @Stray__Cat

Algeria: @aboussaidi; South Africa: @MarkGStacey

Pakistan: @monisiqbal; India: @MDMAnswers @twitrvenky @ashwinmaslekar; Indonesia: @VaiaTweets

Australia: @emx5 @vmcburney;New Zeeland: @JohnIMM @Intelligentform

It’s my hope, that I in the future will be able to interact even more diverse.

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8 thoughts on “Follow Friday Diversity

  1. Jesse Z 1st October 2010 / 04:54

    Thanks for the information, this is very interesting

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 1st October 2010 / 12:56

      Jesse, thanks for @ejhost following me @hlsdk

  2. Rich Murnane 1st October 2010 / 12:12

    Thanks for the mention Henrik, I always thought I look sharp in green.

    Best…Rich Murnane

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 1st October 2010 / 12:58

      Rich, my pleasure finding the right color for you and your fellow North Americans

  3. Jim Harris 1st October 2010 / 14:47

    As my mentor Kermit the Frog says:

    “It isn’t easy being green.”

    Thanks for the colorfully geocoded Rainbow Connection of Follow Friday Diversity.


    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 1st October 2010 / 14:59

      Thanks Jim for including the Muppets yet again on this blog. I guess Kermit didn’t know then that green would become in vogue today 🙂

  4. Crysta Anderson 1st October 2010 / 15:05

    Very interesting way to look at it! Thanks for including us

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 1st October 2010 / 15:09

      Crysta, you – and the IBM Initiate team – are welcome.

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