The Little Match Girl

The short story (or fairy tale) The Little Match Girl (or The Litlle Match Seller) by Hans Christian Andersen is a sad story with a bad ending, so it shouldn’t actually belong here on this blog where I will try to tell success stories about data quality improvement resulting in happy databases.

However, if I look at the industry of making data matching tools (and data matching technology is a large part of data quality tools) I wonder if the future has ever been that bright.

There are many tools for data matching out there.

Some tool vendors have been acquired by big players in the data management realm as:

  • IBM acquired Accential Software
  • SAS Institute acquired DataFlux
  • Informatica acquired Similarity Systems and Identity Systems
  • Microsoft acquired Zoomix
  • SAP acquired Fuzzy Informatik and Business Objects that acquired FirstLogic
  • Experian acquired QAS
  • Tibco acquired Netrics

(the list may not be complete, just what immediately comes to my mind).

The rest of the pack is struggling with selling matches in the cold economic winter.

There is another fairy tale similar to The Little Match Girl called The Star Money collected by the Brothers Grimm. This story has a happy ending. Here the little girl gives here remaining stuff away for free and is rewarded with money falling down from above. Perhaps this is like The Coming of Age of Open Source as told in a recent Talend blog post?

Well, open source is first expected to break the ice in the Frozen Quadrant in 2012.

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