Linked Product Data Quality

Some years ago the theme of Linked Data Quality was examined here on the blog.

As stated in the post a lot of product data is already out there waiting to be found, categorized, matched and linked.

Doing this is at the core of the Product Data Lake venture I am involved with. What we aim to do is linking product information stored using different taxonomies at trading partners, preferable by referencing international and industry standards as eCl@ss, ETIM, UNSPSC, Harmonized System, GPC and more.

Our approach is not to reinvent the wheel, but to collaborate with partners in the industry. This include:

  • Experts within a type of product as building materials and sub-sectors in this industry, machinery, chemicals, automotive, furniture and home-ware, electronics, work clothes, fashion, books and other printed materials, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals and medical devices. You may be a specialist in certain standards for product data. As an ambassador you will link the taxonomy in use at two trading partners or within a larger business ecosystem.
  • Product data cleansing specialists who have proven track records in optimizing product master data and product information. As an ambassador you will prepare the product data portfolio at a trading partner and extend the service to other trading partners or within a larger business ecosystem.
  • System integrators who can integrate product data syndication flows into Product Information Management (PIM) and other solutions at trading partners and consult on the surrounding data quality and data governance issues. As an ambassador, you will enable the digital flow of product information between two trading partners or within a larger business ecosystem.
  • Tool vendors who can offer in-house Product Information Management (PIM) / Master Data Management (MDM) solutions or similar solutions in the ERP and Supply Chain Management (SCM) sphere. As an ambassador you will able to provide, supplement or replace customer data portals at manufacturers and supplier data portals at merchants and thus offer truly automated and interactive product data syndication functionality.
  • Technology providers with data governance solutions, data quality management solutions and Artificial Intelligence (AI) / machine learning capacities for classifying and linking product information to support the activities made by ambassadors and subscribers.
  • Reservoirs, as Product Data Lake is a unique opportunity for service providers with product data portfolios (data pools and data portals) for utilizing modern data management technology and offer a comprehensive way of collecting and distributing product data within the business processes used by subscribers.

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Linked Data Quality

The concept of linked data within the semantic web is in my eyes a huge opportunity for getting data and information quality improvement done.

The premises for that is described on the page Data Quality 3.0.

Until now data quality has been largely defined as: Fit for purpose of use.

The problem however is that most data – not at least master data – have multiple uses.

My thesis is that there is a breakeven point when including more and more purposes where it will be less cumbersome to reflect the real world object rather than trying to align fitness for all known purposes.

If we look at the different types of master data and what possibilities that may arise from linked data, this is what initially comes to my mind:

Location master data

Location data has been some of the data types that have been used the most already on the web. Linking a hotel, a company, a house for sale and so on to a map is an immediate visual feature appealing to most people. Many databases around however have poor location data as for example inadequate postal addresses. The demand for making these data “mappable” will increase to near unavoidable, but fortunately the services for doing so with linked data will help.

Hopefully increased open government data will help solve the data supply issue here.

Party master data

Linking party master data to external data sources is not new at all, but unfortunately not as widespread as it could be. The main obstacle until now has been smooth integration into business processes.

Having linked data describing real world entities on the web will make this game a whole lot easier.

Actually I’m working on implementations in this field right now.

Product master data

Traditionally the external data sources available for describing product master data has been few – and hard to find. But surely, at lot of data is already out there waiting to be found, categorized, matched and linked.

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