Gartner MDM Quadrant vs Forrester MDM Wave, Q4 2021

In Q4 2021 both Gartner and Forrester published their ranking of MDM solutions.

The two rankings are in some agreement. Both analyst firms have Informatica closest to the top-right corner. However, there are also these divergences:

Leader at Forrester, Challenger at Gartner:

·       Reltio has during the last couple of years been better rated at Forrester than by Gartner. According to Forrester, Reltio leverages modern capabilities such as Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning (AI/ML), knowledge graph, and embedded analytics to support large and complex MDM deployments.

Leaders at Gartner. Strong Performers at Forrester:

·       Semarchy has, according to Gartner, a strong understanding of the MDM market, and its longer-term strategy of positioning MDM as a core capability within a data management platform is in sync with the MDM market direction.
·       Riversand received, according to Gartner, relatively high scores across the breadth of categories representative of the customer engagement life cycle from presales through delivery and support.

Included by Forrester, in Honorable Mentions by Gartner:

·       Prospecta Master Data Online provides, according to Forrester, a cloud-based MDM platform, leveraging predefined integration and data models, AI/ML capabilities for an intelligent rules-based approach to enriching data, and integration of data quality and governance.
·       Magnitude Kalido MDM helps, according to Forrester, define and model critical business information from many domains, including customer, product, financial, and vendor/supplier, to create and manage accurate, integrated, and governed data.

Included by Gartner, but not by Forrester:

·       Contentserv had, according to the Gartner survey, the highest levels of satisfaction for overall product capabilities and had the jointhighest satisfaction for ease of deployment.
·       Tamr utilizes, according to Gartner, augmented data management as a foundational element to its solution, with particular focus on the use of human-trained ML processes to augment entity resolution, data profiling, data mapping and data modelling.
·       PiLog reviewers highlight, according to Gartner, its strength in duplicate material identification and prevention. Reviewers repeatedly credited their MRDM solution for asset optimization, inventory and procurement cost savings.

You can find a link to a free copy of the Gartner report in the post The Gartner MDM MQ of December 2021 and Augmented MDM.

The November 2021 Forrester MDM Wave is downloadable from Reltio here.

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