Digital Twin and MDM

A digital twin is in short digital data representing a physical object.

Master Data Management (MDM) has since the discipline emerged in the 00’s been about managing data representing some very common physical objects like persons, products and locations though with a layer of context in between:

  • Persons are traditionally described with data aimed for a given role like a person being a customer, patient, student, contact, employee, and many more specific roles.
  • Products are traditionally described as a product model with data that are the same for a product being mass produced.
  • Locations are typically described as a postal address and/or a given geocode.

With the rise of digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT) / Industry 4.0 the need for having a more real-world view of persons, a broader view of products, and more useful views of locations arise together with the need of similar digital twins for other object types.

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph tool provider Stardog has described this topic in the post Create your Digital Twin with an Enterprise Knowledge Graph.

As Knowledge Graph and (extended) MDM can coexist very well, the same objectives are true for MDM as well.

Some of the use cases I have stumbled on are:

  • Manage generic data about a person and belonging organizations as a digital twin encompassing all historic, current, and sought roles related to your organization. Data privacy must be adhered to here, however issues as opt-in and opt-out must also be handled across roles.
  • Manage specific data about each instance of a product that is a smart device, which is true for more and more products models. Such a digital twin is described in the post 3 Old and 3 New Multi-Domain MDM Relationship Types.
  • Manage complex data about a location as boundaries, placements in geographic hierarchies, location names and property descriptions as a digital twin.
  • Manage data about plants, machines, vehicles, warehouses, stores as digital twins using an MDM approach.     

Which digital twins have you stumbled upon where an MDM approach is useful?

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