What to Expect from the 2021 Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant?

Today the 11th January 2021 we should, according to the Gartner publishing schedule, expect a refreshed Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management (MDM) Solutions.

Historically these quadrants have been delayed possibly due to fighting with vendors objecting to the results herein.

An observation is that the thorough process applied by Gartner makes the results in here a bit behind what is currently happening on the market as touched in the post Why are Analyst Rankings Behind the MDM Market Dynamics? If say the information used in a fresh published quadrant is between a half to a full year old, the latest quadrant to be used in a given tool assessment can be founded on up to 2 years old data.

The last Magic Quadrant for MDM was mentioned in this post.

As touched in the post the two advancing vendors in here were Informatica, who extended their lead, and Semarchy, who became top challenger.

With Informatica it is hard to confirm their position in other analyst reports. Informatica has a dysfunctional relationship with Forrester, so they are not included in their latest MDM reports. Information Difference did not assess Informatica that favourable in their ranking as seen in the post Who is in the MDM Landscape Q2 2020? Will be interesting to see if Gartner keeps having a view on Informatica MDM which is different from most other sources.

Semarchy seems to keep up their momentum from what I hear from the market. Let us see if Gartner reflects that too.

The fastest growing vendor last time was Reltio as reported in the post What has Changed with the Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant? I hope Gartner keeps publishing these revenue estimates, so we can see who has grown the most and who has grown not so much or even shrunk as it happened with IBM and Riversand in the previous check.

Stay tuned for a summary of and link to first free reprints of the refreshed MDM Magic Quadrant.

4 thoughts on “What to Expect from the 2021 Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant?

  1. benrund 11th January 2021 / 10:23

    Stay tuned Henrik for the new version 🙂

    • Henrik Gabs Liliendahl 11th January 2021 / 10:36

      Sure, Ben, I sense from your emoji that Riversand has done well in there 🙂

  2. Gary Allemann 11th January 2021 / 11:39

    Henrik. If I understand Gartner correctly their focus is more on a market analysis than on a technology analysis. So they try to understand what customers are asking for and then rate vendors according to what they believe the market dynamic is. So less of a technology score than a market direction indicator…

    • Henrik Gabs Liliendahl 11th January 2021 / 13:29

      Certainly, Gary, I also see the quadrant as a generic ranking against a set of most common contexts, scopes and requirements. I also think another analyst firms do kind of the same. When for example Information Difference has a technical axis the most weight is put on customer satisfaction.

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