There is No Single Customer 360 View

The terms “Single Customer View” (SCV) and “360 View of Customer” have been commonly used within the field of Master Data Management (MDM) since things started with the very first Customer Data Integration (CDI) solutions.

The theory is simple: A customer MDM solution creates golden records that uniquely identify any person or business who is a customer of your organization.  The solution then builds out a complete description of those persons and businesses which serves as the single source of truth.

In practice, this is very hard.  Compiling a concept for a view that suits all scenarios across all business units is often too daunting; the challenges involved in this effort often kill off the customer MDM implementation before completion. This is sad, because it is also hard to succeed in digital transformation and launch new digital services when you have unconnected customer views scattered across the application landscape within your organization.

Therefore, building context-aware customer views is a very useful concept when you want to deliver successful customer MDM implementations and digital transformation projects.    

Learn more about this in the white paper co-authored by Reltio and yours truly: Taking Customer 360 to The Next Level: Fueling New Digital Business

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