A Tricky Thing with Data Quality Evangelism

One of the major players on the data quality market, Experian, do a yearly survey of the current data management trends. This year is no exception and I just had the chance to read through the 2020 report.

This year’s report revolves around trusted data, data debt and the skills gap in the light of data literacy. As always, the report holds some good percentage take away you can use in your data quality evangelism.

My favourite this year is a bit tricky:

Experian 2020 Data Survey
Source: Experian

I think this one shows a challenging side of data quality evangelism. While operational efficiency is a bit ahead of other reasons to improve data quality, there are many good reasons to improve data quality. And advocating for every kind of goodness is often harder than being able to pinpoint one absolutely good reason.

Well, see for yourself. Get the 2020 Global data management research from Experian Data Quality here.

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