How the Covid-19 Outbreak Can Change Data Management

From sitting at home these are my thoughts about how data management can be changed due to the current outbreak of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus and the longer-term behaviour impact after the pandemic hopefully will be over.

Ecommerce Will Grow Faster

Both households and organizations are buying more online and this trend is increasing due to the urge of keeping a distance between humans. The data management discipline that underpins well executed ecommerce is Product Information Management (PIM). We will see more organizations implementing PIM solutions and we must see more effective and less time-consuming ways of implementing PIM solutions.

Data Governance Should Mature Faster

The data governance discipline has until now been quite immature and data governance activities have been characterized by an endless row of offline meetings. As data governance is an imperative in PIM and any other data management quest, we must shape data governance frameworks that are more ready to use, and we must have online learning resources available for both professionals and participating knowledge workers with various roles.

Data Sharing Could Develop Faster

People, organizations and countries initially act in a selfish manner during a crisis, but we must realize that collaboration including data sharing is the only way forward. Hopefully we will see more widespread data sharing enterprise wide as this will ease remote working. Also, we could see increasing interenterprise (business ecosystem wide) data sharing which in particular will ease PIM implementations through automated Product Data Syndication (PDS).

Covid Data Management

2 thoughts on “How the Covid-19 Outbreak Can Change Data Management

  1. theslowdiyer 16th March 2020 / 12:00

    I don’t disagree with your conclusions as such, but I don’t think your post explains why you think these trends will accelerate because of the virus situation? I mean the first one is fairly straightforward, but what’s your rationale for the other two – just that you can’t run e-com at scale without them or?

    • Henrik Gabs Liliendahl 16th March 2020 / 13:20

      Thanks for commenting and pointing out my brevity.

      With data governance the virus situation urge us to cut down on offline meetings, which in my experience has been done a lot when it comes to data governance because of the average low maturity we have in this space. It has been a lot about getting all people on the same page – in the same room. If we have a good spectrum of easily understandable data governance frameworks as the foundation for data governance activities and available online ressource shaped for the different roles, we can do a lot better. The virus situation require us to work in that way.

      With data sharing it is about going from being selfish (as when hoarding toilet paper) to realizing that to collaborate and share is the only way we can solve the challenges around the virus. This way of thinking is in my eyes also the best path in data management.

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