The State of the PIM Market Going into the Twenty-Twenties

I had the pleasure of working with the folks at Dynamicweb PIM, one of the new innovative Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, on a white paper that examines the PIM market here on the doorstep to the 20s.

A key observation is that unlike the Master Data Management (MDM) market, smaller vendors in total have a significant share of what can be seen as the PIM market. Even the largest MDM / PIM vendors do not have a significant share of the PIM market as PIM solutions are used in many midsize companies, where the larger solutions do not have a relevant cost / benefit ratio.

There is no sign of massive consolidation on the PIM market. The largest vendors do not make many acquisitions that increase their market share, nor do they seem to grow organically more than the PIM market in total. Consequently, the PIM market is in no way dominated by a few large vendors as we see it on the CRM market, where and Microsoft CRM have a predominant market share stretching into the midsize sector.

Therefore, organizations on the look for a PIM solution have a widening range of options to choose from where factors as the organization size, geographic reach, industry affiliation and current IT landscape are determining what is the objectively best choice of PIM solution.

You can download the state of PIM white paper here from the Dynamicweb site.

PIM 2020

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