Growth on the MDM Market

As reported yesterday a new Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant is out.

MDM Growth
MDM license and maintenance revenue in M USD and growth %. Source: Gartner.

While the change in positions is limited the change in market share is more significant, if we look at the license and maintenance revenue estimates provided by Gartner. The numbers included in the new quadrant published in January 2020 are 2018 estimates. The figure here compares those numbers to the 2017 numbers included in the previous quadrant published in December 2018.

The trend is that the largest providers are not growing as fast as some of the midsize providers, where Reltio, Ataccama and Semarchy are going in the fast lane.

If any of the solution providers have some 2019 updates, please comment here.

4 thoughts on “Growth on the MDM Market

  1. Robert 24th January 2020 / 11:40

    I still find it stupid that they merged PIM with multi domain mdm. It is something different and the MQ doesn’t give a good representation now.

    • Henrik Gabs Liliendahl 24th January 2020 / 11:59

      Indeed, the market boarders are blurry and the analyst firms each have their take. It is though worth noticing that the PIM originating vendors in here, and some more, have multidomain MDM ambitions.

  2. Greg wong 25th January 2020 / 22:10

    Henrik, what is not mentioned here is the move from perpetual licenses to subscription revenues. Several vendors listed started that transition in 2019 which means an expected revenue slowdown, but a larger backlog. This trend also may change the growth assumptions made and market share picture when normalized.

    • Henrik Gabs Liliendahl 25th January 2020 / 22:43

      Absolutely Greg, the vendors are at different points in this journey and that makes it hard to compare year by year and between vendors. The Gartner report does mention that IBM is losing market share. The negative growth at Riversand may be explained by a shift from a perpetual to a subscription license model, which also was a comment by a Riversand representative on the LinkedIn update of this post. Reltio had a hard time getting into the quadrant because of the subscription model, but now they shine when looking at revenue growth.

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