Most Visited Posts in 2019

Another year has gone as this blog is well into the 11th year of being online.

The 3 most visited blog posts this year were:

AI iconData Matching, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: A post from November 2018 about how AI and data matching has been combined for many years and how this theme has got a revival with the general rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Data ManagementA Data Management Mind Map: A post with not so much text but instead an image reflecting how some of most addressed data management disciplines can be mind-mapped.

Forrester vs GartnerForrester vs Gartner on MDM/PIM: A post about how the two most acknowledged analyst firms rate the vendors on the Master Data Management (MDM) / Product Information Management (PIM) market. Early next year we can expect a new MDM Magic Quadrant from Gartner, so let us see how things look then.

Looking forward to what the next year – and decade – brings in the data quality, MDM and PIM space and to write some posts about it.

Happy New Year.

One thought on “Most Visited Posts in 2019

  1. Ayşegül Yüksel pi 30th December 2019 / 21:38

    Hi Henrik,

    I saw a new robots writes some articles on web. #AI and robots goes to where really I can not calculate. Not naturel, not organic, irritated and not safe for me. Quality Quantity problem is infinitive. You know I support machine learning

    I am happy visitor about this blog. Because This blog owner REAL human,
    Thank you for your effort and labors for all post.

    Please read :

    This is very symmetrical year 2020. First of all health happiness important in life. Happy new year too you , Enjoy your life. Thank you.

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