The Future of Disruptive MDM is in the Cloud

Two recent posts on the Gartner blog is about databases in the cloud. The Future of Database Management Systems Is Cloud by Merv Adrian ponders why cloud is now the default platform for managing data and The Future of Database Management Systems Is Cloud by Donald Feinberg does the same. Well, the two posts are identical.

This will also mean that the default platform for Master Data Management (MDM) will be in the cloud. Add to that, that the other disruptive MDM trends also will work best in the cloud.

Disruptive MDM in the Cloud

  • We increasingly see Extended MDM Platforms that also handles reference data and big data. Both these data types are predominantly external in nature and therefore they are better collected, or even better connected, in the cloud.
  • Services for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Master Data Management (MDM) is delivered by vendors as cloud solutions.
  • Encompassing IoT and MDM means collaboration between many parties and this is, with all the relationships to take care of, only possible with cloud platforms.
  • We will see several other use cases for business ecosystem wide cross company sharing of master data in what Gartner coins as Multienterprise MDM.

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