The Rise of Cloud MDM

Cloud as a deployment method for Master Data Management (MDM) solutions is on the rise.

In the latest MDM vendor selection activities I am involved in cloud is not an absolute must but certainly the preferred deployment method.

The MDM vendor market is responding to that trend. Some of the new players offers purely cloud based solutions. In a recent post on this blog I wrote about Three Remarkable Observations about Reltio. The fourth will be that this is a cloud-based MDM (and more) solution – called Reltio Cloud.

Another example of going the cloud path is Riversand. Their new release is put forward as a cloud-native suite of Master Data Management solutions as told in an interview by Katie Fabiszak with CEO & Founder Upen Varanasi of Riversand. The interview is posted as a guest blog post on The Disruptive MDM List. The post is called Cloud multi-domain MDM as the foundation for Digital Transformation.

Cloud MDM



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