Product Data Lake Version 1.4 is Live

Our February 2018 version of the Product Data Lake cloud service is live. New capabilities include:

  • Subscriber clusters
  • Put APIs

Subscriber Clusters

As a Product Data Lake customer, you can be a subscriber to our public cloud ( or install the Product Data Lake software on your private cloud.

Now there is a hybrid option: Being a member of a subscriber cluster. A subscriber cluster is an option for example for an affiliated group of companies, where you can share product data internally while at the same time you can share product data with trading partners from outside your group using the same account.

Put APIs

Already existing means to feed Product Data Lake include FTP file drops, traditional file upload from your desktop or network drives or actually entering data into Product Data Lake. Now you can also use our APIs for system to system data exchange.

Get the Overview

Get the full Product Data Lake Overview here (opens a PDF file).



2 thoughts on “Product Data Lake Version 1.4 is Live

  1. KirstenScheldeLarsen 15th February 2018 / 14:11

    Hi; What is not clear to me is how Product Data Lake plans to govern the relationship between parties in terms of “the agreed range” of products?

    • Henrik Liliendahl 15th February 2018 / 14:48

      Hi Kirsten. Thanks for asking.

      The upstream provider of product information (typically a manufacturer) can push their range products to the lake. The product information can be available to all accepted partners or a product (and a given attribute) can be available to only specific partners.

      The downstream receiver of product information (typically a merchant) can choose to link their product portfolio to what covers the range they have a commercial agreement about with their upstream trading partner (supplier). However, they can also subscribe to any product and product information made available by the upstream provider for example to support having product information for special purchases besides the normal range.

      Hope it helps. I am also available on mail

      All the best


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