PIM-2-PIM and More Business Outcome

The importance of having a viable Product Information Management (PIM) solution has become well understood at companies participating in supply chains. Having a PIM solution provides business outcome as told here on the blog in a recent guest post featuring the Pimcore PIM solution. The post is called Investing In PIM Is Like Investing In Customer Value.

The next step towards more business outcome from PIM is to handle product information in close collaboration with your trading partners.

At Product Data Lake we provide such a PIM-2-PIM solution. Instead of the old way of collecting product information via spreadsheets and portals, we facilitate that trading partners connect as examined in the post What a PIM-2-PIM Solution Looks Like.

By doing that both manufacturers and merchants will be able to sell more and at the time reduce costs of product information exchange as shown in the post Sell more. Reduce costs.

Sell more Reduce costs

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