When You Know that Statement is Wrong

1271Oftentimes it still takes a human eye to establish if a number, year, term or other piece of information is wrong.

I had that experience today at Harvard Square in Cambridge (Boston) when looking at the sign in front of our lunch restaurant. Established 1271 it says. Hmmmm. North American natives were not known for establishing restaurants. Also, the Vikings did not stay that long or went that south in North America.

The restaurant website actually admits the sign is wrong and this is a printing flaw (should have been 1971) that they have chosen to keep – maybe also in order to test the clever people hanging around Harvard.

Anyway, without attempting to turn this into a foodie blog, the food is OK but the waiting time for being served does resemble spans of centuries.

2 thoughts on “When You Know that Statement is Wrong

  1. GINO FORTUNATO 7th August 2017 / 21:29

    I’m curious for your opinion here: Does AI take care of knowing this is wrong? Are we, or will we in the next 10 years at a point where a machine will spot this and know it’s wrong? My opinion is no, we won’t be there in the next 10 years. Unless some programmer particularly writes the logic into the AI. But I’ve been wrong before!

    • Henrik Liliendahl 8th August 2017 / 13:57

      That is a very good question Gino. I agree, as I have seen AI until now, machines are looking for stuff that a human told it to look for.

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