The Need for a MDM Vision

Many of the MDM programs we see are increasingly tactical rather than enterprise in nature. This observation was examined in the previous post on this blog as well as in the comments. If you missed it, check out Do we need better business decisions about MDM?

MDM BlocksA crucial point is that organizations have a MDM vision. The need for a MDM vision was also the top block in the seven building blocks of MDM proposed by John Radcliffe, when John worked at Gartner (the analyst firm).

In here, John advised that there should be one unifying, strategic MDM vision that needs to reflect the organization’s business vision. However, due to internal politics and entrenched working practices a pragmatic, step-by-step approach is necessary for the entire organization to embrace the vision.

Does your organization have a MDM vision? What is included in the MDM vision? How is the vision embraced by various organizational entities?

2 thoughts on “The Need for a MDM Vision

  1. jaydigital01 5th July 2017 / 01:52

    I’m having a hard time envisioning mid-level manufacturers spending money for an MDM vision. And I expect that it will only get worse. This is a concept like utopian civilization. It can only be used as an imaginary yardstick to instruct one in how to organize their thinking. If it were applied against actual products and budget, it would become obsolete before an ROI were ever reakized..

    • Henrik Liliendahl 5th July 2017 / 07:28

      Well, I certainly remember some cases when having middle management in midsize companies “embracing” a (MDM) vision called for some pragmatism 🙂

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