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Over the recent one and a half year many of the posts on this blog has been about Product Data Lake, a cloud service for sharing product data in the business ecosystems of manufacturers, distributors, retailers and end users of product information.

From my work as a data quality and Master Data Management (MDM) consultant, I have seen the need for a service to solve data quality issues, when it comes to product master data. My observation has been that the root cause of these issues are found in the way that trading partners exchange product information and digital assets.

It is the aim of Product Data Lake to ensure:

  • Completeness of product information by enabling trading partners to exchange product data in a uniform way
  • Timeliness of product information by connecting trading partners in a process driven way
  • Conformity of product information by encompassing various international standards for product information
  • Consistency of product information by allowing upstream trading partners and downstream trading partners to interact with in-house structure of product information
  • Accuracy of product information by ensuring transparency of product information across the supply chain.

You can learn more about how Product Data Lake works on the documentation site.

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