No more time zones from 2020

The digital age hasno more timezones a lot of consequences in our life and the next big reform is the end of the time zones.

As most shops nowadays are web shops being open 24/7 and many people work around the clock from home, travel and anywhere else, we really don’t need time zones around the world anymore.

Therefore, the United Nations have decided that everyone will be on UTC from 1st January 2020.

There will only be a few exceptions:

  • The US Midwest will g.. d.. it stay one their usual time zone.
  • Switzerland will have their separate time zone, the so called cuckoo clock time.
  • The UK prime minister has decided that there first will be a referendum about this in the UK if he wins the next three general elections.

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2 thoughts on “No more time zones from 2020

  1. Robert Cooke 1st April 2016 / 09:20

    Being the 1st April ….

  2. Gary Allemann 1st April 2016 / 10:47

    I heard about this. Rumour has it we will be moving onto a 36 hour clock

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