It is not all about People or Processes or Technology

People Processes TechnologyWhen following the articles, blog posts and other inspirational stuff in the data management realm you frequently stumble upon sayings about a unique angle towards what it is all about, like:

  • It is all about people, meaning that if you can change and control the attitude of people involved in data management everything will be just fine. The problem is that people have been around for thousands of years and we have not nailed that one yet – and probably will not do that isolated in the data management realm. But sure, a lot of consultancy fees will go down that drain still.
  • It is all about processes. Yes it is. The only problem is that processes are dependent on people and technology.
  • It is all about technology. Well, no one actually says so. However, relying on that sentiment – and that shit does happen, is a frequent reason why data management initiatives goes wrong.

The trick is to find a balance between a priceworthy people focused approach, a heartfelt process way of going forward and a solid methodology to exploit technology in the good cause of better data management all aligned with achieving business benefits.

How hard can it be?

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