Happy Old New Year in Reference Data Management

Today the 14th January in our times calendar used to be the first day in the new year when the Julian calendar was used before different countries at different times shifted to the Gregorian calendar.


Such shifts in what we generally refer to as reference data is a well-known pain in data management as exemplified in the post called The Country List. Within data warehouse management, we refer to this as Slowly Changing Dimensions.

Master Data Management (MDM) and Reference Data Management (RDM) are two closely related disciplines and often we may use the terms synonymously and indeed sometimes working with the same real world entity is MDM in one context but RDM in another context.

I have worked in industries, as public transit, where the calendar and related data must be treated as master data. But surely, in many other industries this will be an overkill. However, I have seen other entities treated as a simple List of Values (LoV) where it should be handled as master data or at least more complex reference data. Latest example is plants within a global company, where the highest ambition is proposed to be a mark for active or inactive, which hardly reflect the complexity in starting or buying a plant and closing or selling the same and the data management rules according to the changing states.

So happy 14th of January even if this is not New Year to you – but hey, at least it is my birthday.

4 thoughts on “Happy Old New Year in Reference Data Management

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 16th January 2016 / 08:15

      Thanks a lot Richard. See you out there in Northern Europe some day in the new year.

  1. Ayşegül Yüksel 16th January 2016 / 01:25

    There is 3 dimension for human age : Calender age, feeling age and experience age. These ages can be different variation ages timing. “How old are you” is relative . Anyway after these years doing sports not necessary so much.You know we are not young no more Me (50) I hope from this year relax and enjoy your life time no longer.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meaning_of_life and 42

    Happiiii birth day Henrik sending good wishes and a song to you

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 16th January 2016 / 08:30

      Thanks for the good wishing and the lovely music Ayşegül.

      Yes, I am trying to balance the different ages as flashing bunches of experience on my CV versus being mayor on swarm at my local gym.

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