Tear Down These Walls

Over at The Data Roundtable there is some good thinking going on. Recently Dylan Jones blogged: Want to improve data quality? Start by re-imagining your data boundaries.

In his blog post Dylan explains how data journeys are costly and risky. There are huge opportunities, not at least for data quality, in simplifying the sharing of data by breaking down the data boundaries.

The Berlin Wall. Fortunately it is not there anymore.

Data boundaries exists within organisations and between organisations. As the way of doing business today involves businesses working together, we see more and more data being sent between businesses. Unfortunately often using spreadsheets as told in post Excellence vs Excel.

We definitely need better ways to share data within organisations and between organisations. Furthermore, as Dylan points out, the data exchange needs to go in both directions. The ability to share data in an intelligent way is based on that data is identified and described by commonly shared reference and master data.

In my experience, the ability to collaborate between businesses by sharing reference and master data, and utilize available public sources, will be crucial in the quest for re-imagining data boundaries. This is indeed the future of data quality and The Future of Master Data Management.

One thought on “Tear Down These Walls

  1. Dylan 2nd December 2015 / 18:56

    Thanks for the mention Henrik. I think the work you’ve been doing with mastering reference data via the app is a prime example of silo-busting.

    Why shunt this data around the organisation when you can reference it via one source?

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