Growing Weight on Business Rules in MDM

Business rules has always been an important subject when it comes to data quality and Master Data Management (MDM). However, it seems that business rules are considered even more important over the recent years and in the future.

Fellow MDM professional Roberto Lichtenstein recently published a LinkedIn pulse post called “MDM and business rules” survey outcome.

One of the survey results was about how the last 3 years behaviour of managing business rules has developed:

MDM and business rules

Two third of people answering the question indicated a growing inclusion of business rules (including yours truly in my current main role). So that’s a good growth. However nearly half of respondents did not answer that question, so a bit of caution may be relevant.

As Roberto mentions in his summary post there is a chicken and egg thing with process and data. I also find there is a chicken and egg theme with business rules and MDM. Letting business rules dictate the MDM behaviour is obvious. But MDM can sometimes initiate new business rules as examined in the post To-Be Business Rules and MDM.

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