EU to regulate the term ”big data”

Today it has been announced that the European Union will regulate the use of the term “big data”.

“Volumes of misuse of the term big data has gone way over what is acceptable” says an EU spokesperson. Therefore the Commission will initiate a snap roadmap for legislation leading to that every use of the term big data has to be approved by the authorities beforehand.

A variety of ways to declare that your use of the term big data has been approved will be put into force for the different languages used within the Union. So far France has announced that “big data appellation d’originalité contrôlée” will be used there.

Velocity is the word that best describes the planned process for clamping down on the misuse of the term big data. As soon as in 2020 every member state must have started the legislation process and not later than 2025 the rules must be implemented in national laws. However there is a great deal of skepticism over if things could move that fast.

Say big data one more time

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10 thoughts on “EU to regulate the term ”big data”

  1. Charlie 1st April 2014 / 09:05

    Regulating innovation!!! Aaaaagh Didn’t the French coin the term – “entrepreneur!” Don’t mix politics and innovation.

  2. Ed 1st April 2014 / 09:34

    Also, the French will be renaming the 3 vs of Big Data to “va va voom” to reflect the experience

  3. John Owens 1st April 2014 / 10:01

    The UK Government are joining in and proposing the use the Heinz 57 rule, whereby if data, irregardless of volume and velocity does not comprise at least 57 varieties, then it cannot be legally be given the appellation ‘Big’.

  4. Lance Mercereau 1st April 2014 / 11:10

    This must be an April Fool’s prank.

  5. Shane Downey 1st April 2014 / 21:22

    Ha ha love it John!

  6. Gino Fortunato 2nd April 2014 / 03:55

    Tres bien!

  7. Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 2nd April 2014 / 08:44

    Thanks for comments everyone. Sure, it was a first April thing, but you never know …..

  8. Koen Van Loo 5th April 2014 / 15:39

    Great one!

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