Reaching the Cloud with MDM

As reported in the post The MDM Landscape is Slowly Changing a saying from the Information Difference MDM Landscape 2013 is:

  • “The market is starting to dabble in cloud-based implementations…”

I have spent some part of the last months with a cloud-based Master Data Management implementation in this case using the iDQ™ MDM Edition.

Well, actually it isn’t a full cloud implementation. There is a frontend taking care of user interaction in the cloud and there is a backend taking care of integration on-premise.

I guess many other MDM implementations embracing cloud technology will look like this solution being a hybrid, where some services are based in the cloud and some services are based on-premise.

What about your MDM implementation(s). Is it cloud-based, based on-premise or hybrid?

Hohenzollern Castle in Southern Germany

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2 thoughts on “Reaching the Cloud with MDM

  1. Gauthier Vasseur 5th August 2013 / 09:27

    Greetings Henrik,

    We actually see similar patterns at our clients. The decision to go cloud or on premise for MDM evolves as we run projects with them.

    It usually starts with a strategic or politic statement to go one way or another.

    As we iterate on their master data model, data feeds and workflows, reality of the lay-of-the-land starts to speak for itself. Data locations, infrastructure or staff experience come into play to challenge the initial wish and it is not uncommon to move our solution from premise to cloud and vice-versa after a couple weeks.

    It is just important to keep this choice transparent from a solution stand point. The MDM solution should definitely not dictate which platform (cloud, hybrid or on-premise) a client should run on. It should obviously adapt to what they need and not sacrifice features, functions or performance going either way.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 6th August 2013 / 09:40

      Thanks a lot Gauthier for sharing your experiences at Semarchy.

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