Social Score Credibility

A recent piece from Fliptop is called What’s the Score. It is a thorough walk through on what is usually called social scoring done in influence scoring platforms within social media, where Klout, Kred and PeerIndex are the most known services of that kind.

The Fliptop piece has a section around faking, which was also the subject in a post lately on this blog. The post is called Fact Checking by Mashing Up, and is about how to link social network profiles with other known external sources in order to detect cheat. Linking social network profiles with other external sources and internal sources is what is known as Social MDM, a frequent subject on this blog for several years.

A social score must of course be seen in context, as it matters a lot what you are influential about when you want to use social scoring for business. As told in the post Klout Data Quality this was a challenge two years ago, and this is probably still the case. Also here I think linking with other (big) data sources and letting Social MDM be the hub will help.

Taken from Kred on my twitter handle.

PS: I have no idea why moron ended up there. Einstein is OK.

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