Entrepreneurs within Social MDM

Some of the established vendors in the Master Data Management (MDM) realm may be working on integrating social data and some apparently don’t. Either way as with many other new technologies we will probably see the big movements coming from entrepreneurs.

I have noticed some new startups. Two is not surprisingly coming from the San Francisco Bay area and one is maybe surprisingly coming from the Saint Petersburg that is the original one in Russia.

Reltio is working with multi-channel, including the social channel, data integration. Their raison d’être is:

Reltio_Logo.“As a business user in Sales, Marketing or Compliance you always work with information from multiple sources of data, then why is it that most of your existing applications cannot handle data from multiple sources (internal, third party or social) or channels of interaction to provide you with the benefit of insights from this related information. Reltio is working to fill this gap….”.

Fliptop is doing the matching between your current party master data records and the same real world entities in the social sphere:

Fliptop_logo_white_small“Fliptop’s Customer Intelligence platform provides companies with an on-demand data scientist for their leads and contacts. Using publicly available information including social data to score and enrich leads, companies can prioritize their pipeline, better target their audience and know more about their customers.”

Actualog is into Social PIM (Product Information Management):

Actualog logo“Actualog is an innovative cloud-based social Product Information Management platform that brings together the expertise and knowledge of the manufacturers and most competent customers around the world. Actualog helps companies to share information about products, materials and technologies focusing on complex technical products using the ideas of social interaction.”

Have you noticed some Social MDM and related startups? – or are you actually one?

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2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs within Social MDM

  1. Gino Fortunato 13th December 2016 / 15:59

    A minor MDM problem here 🙂 : Fliptop was acquired by linkedIn, who has of course been since acquired by Microsoft.

    • Henrik Liliendahl 13th December 2016 / 16:08

      Indeed Gino. This is a blog post from 2013 and it is not updated, which should be the case with MDM. Yes, FlipTop was acquired by LinkedIn (before the bigger fish came around). I were on the FlipTop advisory board when LinkedIn bought and were so lucky to get some small cash for the related share options, so I certainly remember.

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