Coma, Wetsuit and Dedoop

The sehr geehrte damen und herren at Universität Leipzig (Leipzig University) are doing a lot of research in the data management realm and puts some good efforts in naming the stuff.

Here are some of the inventions:

COMA is a system for flexible Combination Of schema Matching Approaches. Let’s hope the thing is still alive.

WETSUIT (Web EnTity Search and fUsIon Tool) is a new powerful mashup tool – and what a nice seven letter abbreviation not sticking only to the first letters.

Tilia_tomentosaDedoop (Deduplication with Hadoop) is a prototype for entity matching for big data. Big phonetic Dedupe will be around of course.

Well, you should expect fuzzy abbreviations from this city, as Leipzig means “settlement where the linden trees stand”.

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