Data Management in the Cloud

We are seeing more and more data management services offered in the cloud.

dnblogo2As I have had a long time experience with data matching services around the Dun & Bradstreet WorldBase, it was good to see a presentation yesterday in Stockholm featuring D&B Europe’s new cloud based data manager service.

Managing World-Wide B2B Master Data

The D&B WorldBase is a business directory with 225 million business entities from all over the world.

D&B’s Data Manager is a self-service application in the cloud around the WorldBase taking care of:

  • Data matching with comprehensive functionality for manual inspection, approval and master data survivorship
  • Data enrichment embracing a wide range of data attributes
  • Data Maintenance subscription for keeping enriched data up to date

The data matching functionality is built on the good old D&B methodology with confidence codes and matchgrades.

Right for QlikTech

QlikTech is the Swedish firm (pretending to be American) behind the prominent business intelligence solution called QlikView.

At the Stockholm event QlikTech presented how and why they use the D&B Data Manager for ensuring the right data quality in their cloud based B2B CRM solution (

As QlikTech is operating all over the world having a consistent world-wide business directory as the reference for party master data is extremely important, and the self-service concept is a perfect match for having the right insight and control into achieving the needed level of data quality in CRM master data.

From there the QlikTech CRM team takes its own medicine using QlikView for self-service business intelligence.

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2 thoughts on “Data Management in the Cloud

  1. josephvolcy 20th March 2013 / 18:23

    Hi Henrik.

    Great post! May I just add that ‘Cloud computing’ in general is well-known for a few distinctive aspects which I believe are: Elasticity, the ability to scale up and down, self-service provisioning and de-provisioning.

    We are now seeing cloud technology (and concept) being adapted to Data Management services and the Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions provided by D&B is a very good example:

    If B2B data is a company’s important asset, then it’s really is the time to take a look at DaaS.

    • Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen 22nd March 2013 / 10:57

      Thanks for commenting Joseph and sharing the additional link to the cloud services offered by D&B.

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