You probably won’t find the truth (and salsa) inside your firewall

In a Data Roundtable blog post published today and called Big Data in Your Kitchen Phil Simon says:

“CXOs who believe that “data” is simply the content in their own internal databases are increasing being seen as anachronistic. More progressive leaders understand that data is everywhere, including–and especially–external to the enterprise.”

Bringing in external data was also touched recently by Kim Loughead of Informatica in the post Bring The Outside In: Why Integrating External Data Sources Should Be Your Next Data integration Project.

Herein Kim emphasizes that: “Innovation is driven by data and that data largely resides outside your firewall”.

SalsaMy humble work in bringing in the outside revolves around a service called instant Data Quality (iDQ™). This service is about exploiting the increasing choice if external directories holding valuable information about the individuals, companies, addresses and properties we have so much trouble with reflecting in our party master data hubs.

What about you? Are you anachronistic or do you bring in the outside? Or as it will sound in Phil’s Big Data Kitchen: Will you miss salsa tonight?

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