Happy New Year

Am I too late? Not at all. Today is the last day in the year of the dragon and tomorrow will be the first day in the year of the snake according to the Chinese calendar. It’s the Chinese New Year.

As globalization moves on we are becoming more and more aware of celebrations from different cultures and I guess we will end up having almost every day as a special day.

Next up as I am aware of is the coming Thursday being Valentine’s Day, a day that has gained much in importance during the last decades in many European countries and other places. Not at least taunted by retailers.

In Chinese symbology, snakes are regarded as intelligent, but with a tendency to be somewhat unscrupulous. So I guess Valentine’s day this year will be great (for retailers).

Everything a good reminder of the diversity issues in data quality which is a frequent subject on this blog.

Happy new year and for god’s sake don’t forget Valentine’s Day.


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